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A catheter containing an inflatable balloon, which is at its periphery provided with hollow extensions that communicate between the outside of the balloon and the lumen of the catheter for use in the gene therapeutic treatment of local disorders by transfer of a desired gene to a target cell or tiss ...



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A physiologic sensor module includes at least one wearable sensor that is configured for wearing on a human body part and for measuring at least one biological signal. The module further includes at least one controller communicatively coupled to the wearable sensor and configured to receive the bio ...

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The invention concerns an enzymatic method for making oenological tannins starting with lumps of wood and an enzymatic method for transforming tannins into tannins for wine-making purposes. The inventive method comprises a step which consists in contacting the lumps of wood or tannins with an aqueou ...

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An assembly for guiding a toy vehicle, comprising a plurality of rectilinear track elements 1 and a plurality of element connectors 20, where each track element has three or more edges 3a - 3d, each edge having a shaped recess 8 to receive and retain one end 21 of a connector, so that the connectors ...

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The inclusion of a substantially saturated dicarboxylic acid, anhydride or ester substituted with at least one hydrogen and carbon containing group of at least 30 carbon atoms and optionally an acidic C2 and/or C3 olefin polymer or copolymer of molecular weight 500 to 30,000 having an acid number fr ...