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An electrical connector in which circuit components are integrated into the connector by mounting the same within the grounding plate in the shell of the connector. Conductors of the circuit components are connected to selected electrical contact elements in the connector preferably by means of a pr ...

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An electrical penetration assembly for installation in a containment wall formed of a nozzle extending through the wall and terminating in flanges at each end thereof. A canister assembly formed of a pipe member is positioned within the nozzle and extends through the containment wall. A glass-sealed ...

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An underwater electrical connector for providing cable strain relief in order to eliminate the possibility of wire breakage at the terminal area. Redundant safety is provided by means of a primary header and a secondary header, each of which has glass sealed contacts mounted therein. Moreover, a cab ...


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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A contact retaining clip is fixed in an insulatorcavity by the use of discontinuities around the clip whichcan be wedged or embedded in the insulator. Preferably aprobe is inserted into the clip to expand it. The clipand/or the probe may be heated prior or during insertion ...