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A biaxially oriented laminated film having at least three layers has excellent abrasion resistance and electromagnetic conversion property when the film is used as the base film of a magnetic recording media. The biaxially oriented laminated film comprises at least one outermost layer containing par ...

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A polyester film made of organic polymer particles, which have a specified strength at the time of deformation, and of which the product of the specific surface area and diameter is specified. The particles in film form are deformed in a specific direction, and the film has a surface with minute pro ...

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A biaxially oriented film and a laminated film contain organic particles at a content of 0.001 to 20% by weight. The strength when deformed by 10% (S10) of the organic particles is in the range of 3 to 30 kgf/mm and the thermal decomposition temperature for causing 10% loss in weight thereof is not ...

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A thermoplastic polyester composition suitable for producing films or fibers excellent in wear resistance, and a biaxially oriented polyester film made therefrom. The composition comprises (A) a thermoplastic polyester and (B) monoclinic and/or tetragonal zirconium oxide particles.

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A biaxially oriented, laminated polyester film has a lamination structure with at least two layers. At least one of the outermost layers of the film is a thin laminated layer A having a thickness of not more than 3 mu m. In the layer A, (a) internally formed particles (and optionally mono-dispersed ...