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The motion detection circuit is so constructed that an interframe difference signal is passed through a horizontal direction LPF (3) and a vertical direction LPF (10) in cascade connection, and the interframe difference signal ( alpha ) thus obtained is divided by the value (8) obtained by mixing an ...

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An interframe coding system provided for highly efficient transmission of coded television picture signal is picture motion in response to interframe correlation detected by shifting moving blocks in a direction opposite to a motion vector detected for predicting interframe picture motion in order t ...

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A system for performing high efficiency coding of an image signal includes a differential signal generating section (51), a processing section (12, 13), a supply section (61), a coefficient train outputting section (14, 24), and a code assigning section (54). The differential signal generating secti ...


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The demodulation circuit comprises a counting circuit (11) which detects from the outputs of an error correction circuit (2) how many samples are interpolated continuously and two AND circuits (9,10) which perform AND operation of the output of the circuit (11) and a mute signal that is generated wh ...



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An external clock signal is subjected to frequency division to supply circuits with low frequency clock pulses. Furthermore, provision is made of a logic circuit (1) which fixes the clock or the input data to the high level or to the low level during a period of other than the voice signals, the clo ...