Oberressl Paul, Zoeller Joachim Dr: Acid modified polyesters and their use in stove enamels.. Hoechst, August 31, 1994: EP0612779-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

Acid-modified polyesters obtained by reacting (a) from 20 to 60 mol%, preferably 30-50 mol%, of at least one dicarboxylic acid, (b) from 3 to 30 mol%, preferably 5-20 mol%, of a dihydroxyalkanecarboxylic acid, (c) from 10 to 60 mol%, preferably 20-50 mol%, of a diol, (d) from 0 to 30 mol% of a polya ...

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1. Aqueous epoxy resin dispersions containing (A) an epoxy resin which is a product of the condensation of (A-1) from 50 to 95 % by weight, preferably from 55 to 85 % by weight, of one or more epoxide compound(s) containing at least two epoxide groups per molecule and having an epoxide equivalent we ...

Urbano Edmund Dr, Wixmerten Bodo Dr, Oberressl Paul, Brindoepke Gerhard Dr, Etz Oliver: Blends comprising phenolic resins for internal protection coatings. Surface Specialties Austria, October 12, 2005: EP1584667-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Mixtures comprising a phenolic resin and a branched saturated polyester of high molecular weight with free carboxy groups, at least 50% of which are bonded to the polymer chain, are new.

Neumann Uwe Dr, Hoenel Michael Dr, Oberressl Paul, Keller Marion: Hardenable binder and its process of manufacture.. Hoechst, June 23, 1993: EP0547502-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A curable binder comprising A. a polyepoxide and B. a carboxyl-containing polymer obtained by reacting a carboxyl-functional polyester b1 with substoichiometric amounts of an epoxide compound b2. The binder according to the invention simultaneously has high reactivity and a long shelf life.

Pfeil Armin Dr, Oberressl Paul, Illgen Reiner Kurt: Modified acidic polyesters and their use as curing agents in thermosetting binders.. Hoechst, June 29, 1994: EP0603621-A2

Modified, acidic polyesters obtained by reacting polyols with unsaturated polycarboxylic acids or anhydrides thereof and conjugated diene (dienoic) acids are suitable as curing agents for epoxy resins, in particular for curing can coatings.

Brindoepke Gerhard Dr, Etz Oliver, Oberressl Paul, Wixmerten Bodo Dr: Binder and its use as a coating material for coating metallic containers. Surface Specialties Germany Gm, May 12, 2004: EP1418191-A1

Condensation products of dihydroxyaromatics A with di- or polyepoxides, alkylolated by reaction with aldehydes D are new. Independent claims are included for: (1) mixtures containing the condensation products and also alkylidenepolyphenol resole or novolak; (2) a process for preparation of the conde ...

Pfeil Armin Dr, Geisler Joerg Peter Dr, Oberressl Paul, Dreischhoff Dieter: Aqueuos epoxy resin dispersion.. Hoechst, September 28, 1994: EP0617086-A2

Aqueous epoxy resin dispersions containing (A) an epoxy resin which is a product of the condensation of one or more epoxide compounds, an aromatic polyol and optionally a modifying compound containing at least two expoxide-reactive groups, (B) a dispersant in the form of a product of the condensatio ...

Neumann Uwe Dr, Oberressl Paul: Elastic auto-crosslinking binder for coating of cans and sheets, its production and use. Hoechst, January 28, 1998: EP0821042-A2

An elastic, self-crosslinking binder (I), is obtained by mixing a polyester-modified epoxy resin (A) with an acid group-containing polyester (B). Resin (A) is prepared in two stages, comprising (1) reaction of a polyester (A1) with free acid groups derived from polybasic carboxylic acids (A11) selec ...

Burkhart Thomas Dr, Hesse Wolfgang Dr, Oberressl Paul: Stoving lacquer based on an epoxy resin containing an alkylidene polyphenol having an acid-functional group. Hoechst, November 27, 1996: EP0744429-A2

Stoving enamel (I), contains (A) epoxy resins and (B) carboxy-functional alkylidene-polyphenols in amts. such that the COOH gps. are present in at least equimol. amts. w.r.t. the epoxide gps. in (A). Also claimed are (i) prepn. of (I) by mixing (A), (B) and opt. conventional additives and then addin ...

Pfeil Armin Dr, Petri Stefan, Oberressl Paul: The use of 2-cyaniminotetrahydro-1h-1,3,5-triazines compounds as curing agent in aqueous coating compositions. Hoechst, December 11, 1996: EP0747414-A2

Aq. coating material with a solids content of 20-80 wt% (ACM), contg. (w.r.t. solid content) (A) 50-90 wt% epoxy resins in the form of aq. dispersions or water-dilutable solids or liqs. with an epoxide (EP) gp. content of 200-6700 mmoles/kg and (B) 10-50 wt% water-soluble or water-dispersible 2-cyan ...