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Organic photoreceptors that include a charge transport compound, a charge generating compound, and an electroconductive support in which the charge transport compound is a novel aryl hydrazone-functional carbazole compound.

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Charge transport compounds are described that have a multiple number of hydrazone-bridged heterocyclic groups (especially julolidine, carbazole and/or triarylmethane groups) connected by a central bridging group. An example of charge transport compounds are those having the following generic formula ...

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Improved organophotoreceptor comprises an electrically conductive substrate and a photoconductive element on the electrically conductive substrate, the photoconductive element comprising: (a) a charge transport material having the formula where R1 and R2 are, each independently, an alkyl group, an a ...



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This invention relates to a novel organophotoreceptor that includes: (a) a charge transport composition comprising molecules having the formula where the average n is between 1 and 1000; R1, R2, R3, and R4 are, independently, hydrogen, a branched or linear alkyl group (e.g., a C1-C30 alkyl group), a ...


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A fingerprinting system comprising means capable of releasably retaining a liquid and a liquid composition releasably retained in said means, said liquid composition comprising a leuco color-former coupound, a dialkyl phthalate wherein the alkyl group contains 1-3 carbon atoms, a substrate for recei ...