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A glenoid component 10 includes an oval body 12 having a concave lateral articulating surface 14 and an opposing medial surface 16 with a keel 18 extending from the medial surface. The keel 18 extends along a line "A" which is anteriorly offset from the center line "B" of the concave surface 14 and ...

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An acetabular cup for a total hip prosthesis including an outer backing (10) and an inner bearing component (11), characterised in that said backing (10) comprises a part-spherical main portion (16) and two independent arms (17,18) projecting therefrom and which are separated from each other.

Resch Herbert, Servidio Damon, Nuijten Peter: Sizer drill guide, joint reamer, keel drill guide, and brooch tool used for prosthetic joint member and prosthetic joint implantation process. Mtg Divestitures, May 18, 1999: JP1999-128256

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a prosthetic joint member, which realizes the function of an intrinsic joint member more precisely and is more stabilized than an existing prosthetic joint member, and provides the appropriate soft tissue balance between a joint member and a humerus member, when impl ...