Johannes Maria Thijssen, Denis Joseph Carel Van Oers, Noud Johannes Fleuren: Luminaire. Philips Lighting Holding, May 9, 2017: US09644815

The present invention relates to a luminaire comprising one or more LED light sources (102) arranged within a light chamber that is enclosed by a translucent cover (302), having an inner surface (308), wherein the LED light source (102) is arranged to illuminate the inner surface (308) of the transl ...


Martijn Henri Richard Lankhorst, Antonius Petrus Marinus Dingemans, Noud Johannes Fleuren, Bertrand Jean Bernard Navarro, Kamil Mert Cakar: Optimized printed circuit board. KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS, July 5, 2016: US09383069

The present invention relates to a printed circuit board (100, 200) comprising several finger portions (102, 103, 104) projecting from a base portion (101), wherein each linger portion is provided with a plurality of light emitting elements (106). By means of the invention it is possible to optimize ...