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An inertial platform accelerometer cluster (FIG. 1) comprises a cluster of gyro and accelerometer system triads disposed in a cluster housing 10 to detect motion along and about orthogonal x, y and z axes. The orthogonal accelerometer systems each comprises a pair of codirectional accelerometers e.g ...

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An accelerometer system (FIG. 2) suitable for measuring low-frequency accelerations in inertial systems is also able to measure high-frequency vibrational accelerations which give rise to e.g. sculling effects in inertial platform arrangements employing three such accelerometer systems. The system c ...

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A method for correcting an integral signal representing the integral of an input signal derived from an accelerometer to eliminate the effects of errors in the input signal comprises sampling one or more signals which bear a functional relationship with the errors and subjecting the samples to a cor ...

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A main frame assembly for a road vehicle comprises two parallel vertical side frames connected together by cross members. The frame members are preferably composed of hollow tubes welded together. The cross members are unbraced to provide tortional flexibility without loss of load carrying capacity.

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A recovery and towing vehicle which has been specifically designed for transport in a freighter aircraft and must necessarily therefore be of low profile to fit within the cargo space of an air-transport vehicle comprising a main chassis (1) on which is mounted a cab (3) with a removable upper part ...

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A power transmission gearbox comprises an input shaft, output shaft and power take off shaft mounted in a housing, the housing being adapted for connection to the input and output shafts in two positions in each of which the power take off shaft is mounted in a different position relative to the inp ...

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A lifting device for handling flat racks or containers fitted with ISO corner castings comprising a main support plate having a lifting pin projecting from one face for engagement in an end aperture in an ISO corner casting and a tubular support on the plate carrying a locking pin movable in a direc ...

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A load handling device for transferring ISO flat racks, containers or the like, to and from a support comprising two spaced lifting arms (11) pivotally connected adjacent their lower ends (at 9) to said support (13) and hydraulic rams (40,41) for rocking said arms (11) in a vertical arc, and an exte ...

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A current-to-frequency converter 12' (FIG. 3) for use with an accelerometer 10 comprises a storage capacitor 13 which receives the accelerometer current and develops a charging voltage, reset charging means 25 which delivers timed charges to offset the voltage by predetermined amount and voltage sen ...