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In a distributed system, such as a PBX (FIG. 1), which uses a database for its operation, a master copy (22) of the database having a first format is stored at a central node (10) and cache copies (32) of database portions (24) but having a different format are stored at peripheral nodes (11-12). A ...

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A silence-suppression scheme for a packet voice transmission system (FIG. 1) accurately regenerates the silence signals at the receiving end. The following discipline is implemented at the transmitting end (100): if speech is detected (200), transmit (204) a packet carrying the speech; if silence is ...

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A call center includes a message playback unit for playing back a prerecorded greeting during an outgoing call while a call classifier unit within the call center processes an audible signal received from a remote party location. A call processing unit places a call to a remote party location via a ...

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A call center includes a recording/playback unit for recording audible signals received (during an outgoing call) from a remote party location, while a call classifier unit within the call center processes the audible signals. A call processing unit places a call to a remote party location via a com ...

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Administration of a communication system having a plurality of addressable communication ports is accomplished automatically, by the system itself. The system is initially provisioned only with unlinked terminal translations. Establishment of hardware translations and their linking to the terminal t ...

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The subject invention is directed to a method and system for removing music or other unwanted noise from a conference call particularly when the music or other unwanted noise is not directly under the control of the telecommunication equipment the user is attached to and using. The method and system ...

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In an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) disassembler unit that is receiving ATM cells from an optical interface and converting data from these cells onto a constant bit rate (CBR) call, only a nominal predefined build out is defined for each optical interface. If an ATM cell is not received within th ...

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Classifying a call to a called destination endpoint by a call classifier. The call classifier is responsive to information received from the called destination endpoint to perform the call classification.