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A pipe for underdrainage comprises (1) a liquid-collecting pipe; (2) a plurality of discontinuous protrusions on the outer surface of the liquid-collecting pipe; (3) a filter layer capable of passing liquid while substantially excluding solids, the filter layer being disposed around the liquid-colle ...

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A display system for a camera that includes both a segment display portion and a dot matrix display portion. The two different display systems are driven by different duty ratios for assuring clearer presentation and quicker recognition by the photographer. The disclosure also includes an energy-sav ...

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To provide an EGR cooler which has a small number of parts and achieves compact design with low cost. A plurality of flat tubes, each having a bottom to close an end thereof, is arranged in parallel. An opening of each of the flat tubes penetrates through a tube plate. Corrugated fins are placed in ...

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A connecting device for establishing electric connection between an electronic appliance and an IC card loaded in position in the electronic appliance, which can prevent possible operation in error and breakdown of a component circuit of the IC card when the IC card is loaded into the electronic app ...

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A flashlight emitting device for a camera wherein the flash coverage of a flash device is varied, only when a mode in which flashlight is to be emitted is selected, in response to a zooming operation to assure appropriate exposure and eliminate wasteful consumption of power. The device comprises fla ...