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In a display housing, first and Second liquid-crystal panels are disposed in parallel with each other, and a fluorescent lamp is positioned beside both ends of a gap between these panels. Thus, when used for a transmission type display, e.g. an OHP, the first liquid-crystal panel for light shutter i ...

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A rare earth element activated complex halide phosphor represented by the formula

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A radiation image storage panel having a fluorescent layer which comprises a binder and a stimulable phosphor dispersed therein. Further, the panel is colored with a colorant so that the mean reflectance of the panel in the wavelength region of the stimulating rays of the stimulable phosphor is lowe ...

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A proton conductor gas sensor operable at room temperature for detecting hydrogen or carbon monoxide, and a gas detecting method using the sensor. A pair of electrodes connected to a proton conductor are short-circuited to cause protons to travel through the conductor utilizing the difference in act ...

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An inductance element comprises conductive paths of copper and a spool member arranged on a substrate, and insulated winding formed by a fine copper wire whose surface is coated with an insulating film of urethane etc. is wound around the spool member so that both end portions thereof are subjected ...

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A radiographic image conversion screen comprises a support, a first fluorescent layer formed on the support and consisting essentially of a blue emitting phosphor and a second fluorescent layer formed on the first fluorescent layer and consisting essentially of a green emitting rare earth phosphor.

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An intensifying screen having high physical durability and chemical resistance in which a curable resin is used as a resinous binder of a radioluminescent phosphor can easily be manufactured by employing an ultraviolet radiation-curable resin composition as the resinous binder. A dispersion comprisi ...

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A thermoluminescence dosimeter reader having a heater for heating a thermoluminescence element, a light measuring circuit for measuring the intensity of the thermoluminescence emanated from the element when it is heated and a display device for displaying the reading of the dosage of radiation to wh ...

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A gaseous carbon dioxide detection sensor comprising a detection electrode and a reference electrode opposed on both sides of an ionic conductor, wherein a mixture comprising one mol of an alkali metal carbonate more than one mol of an alkaline earth metal carbonate is used as the detection material ...

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There is disclosed a heat-developable color light-sensitive material having an excellent preservability and capable of providing images having a superior discrimination and only a slight fluctuation of Dmin against that of the development conditions. The material comprises a support having thereon a ...