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A high temperature and pressure steam sterilization container (35) for an endoscope, which contains the endoscope (2) to perform a high temperature and pressure steam sterilization, is contained in a cleaner (40) so that cleaning is possible in a state in which the endoscope (2) is stored.

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A foamed thermoplastic resin article is obtained from a ternary component system thermoplastic resinous composition consisting of 100 parts by weight of a low density polyethylene or an ethylene copolymer and from 10 to 60 parts by weight, more preferably, from 15 to 40 parts by weight of modifying ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a simplified storage managing system for medical instruments.SOLUTION: In the storage managing system for managing the storage state of an endoscope 2 stored in a storage cabinet 1, the endoscope 2 has a function for storing data on the kind or state of the endoscope ...

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In a washing/disinfecting tank 4 of an endoscope washing/disinfecting device 1, an endoscope connection portion 31 to be joined to a connector portion 105a of an endoscope body 101 is provided, and receiving-side bases 36a to 39a to be connected to each of pipelines 106 to 109 of the endoscope body ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a capsule type endoscope which can secure an insertion capacity, can improve an observation function and is suitable for an endoscopic observation.SOLUTION: A capsule section 22 which is covered by a capsule-shaped package 31 is integrally disposed at a pointed head ...

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(EN) An endoscope cleaning/disinfecting device (1) has a device body (2) equipped with a cleaning container (6) for containing an endoscope holding tray (4) that contains the endoscope (5), a top cover (3) rotated from an open state stop position up to a closed state stop position by a lid open/clos ...

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A sterilization apparatus is constituted of a chamber (4) in which a material to be sterilized is stored to sterilize the material by steam having a high temperature and pressure, and a cooling mechanism (30, 31) which cools the material in a thermally isolated state from the inside of the chamber. ...

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An endoscope washing and disinfecting apparatus according to the present invention includes an apparatus body having a washing tub for placing and washing an endoscope, a brush forward and reverse mechanism provided with a fluid supply part for supplying a fluid circulating in the apparatus body int ...


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Video signal recording apparatus, wherein a magnetic tape is helically wrapped on a guide drum and comprising a single rotary head for scanning the magnetic tape. One field of the video signal is divided into N segments. Each segment is time-compressed to ensure a time corresponding to an interval w ...