Niu Hongxing, Zhao Liang, Fan Li, Zhou Yan, Tan Wensong: Non protein culture medium adapted to large-scale culture of NSO cell and production of antibody. East China University of Science and Technology, Diao Wenkuai, Di Hu, April 29, 2009: CN200810039305

The invention relates to a protein-free medium suitable for large-scale cultivation and antibody production of NSO cells, which is a protein-free medium provided with clear chemical compositions. The compositions of the protein-free medium comprises 21 types of amino acid, 13 types of vitamin, 8 typ ...

Tan Wensong, Niu Hongxing, Zhu Minglong, Zhou Yan, Hua Ping, Gu Xiaohua: Animal cell feeding culture process. East China Technology Univ, luo dachen, May 17, 2006: CN200510030357

The animal cell feeding culture process includes the following steps: designing different feeding processes to realize different pseudostable culture environment, determine optimized target and establish metabolism dynamics model; performing the optimized culture process based on the metabolism dyna ...

Tan Wensong, Gu Xiaohua, Zhu Minglong, Zhao Yiming, Niu Hongxing: Bioreactor system for animal large scale cell culture. East China University Of Science &Amp Technology, luo dachen, May 3, 2006: CN200510030197

The invention discloses a bioreactor system for culturing animal cell in large scale, which comprises: a reactor arranged whole-close magnetic actuator composed of top and bottom bearings, an inner magnetic drive shaft, a combined oar blade groupware, a sealing groove without magnetism to separate o ...

Tan Wensong, Zhu Minglong, Zhou Yan, Hua Ping, Niu Hongxing: Non-serum culture medium for multiple animal cell large-scale culture. Huadong Science And Engineering Univ, luo dachen, May 31, 2006: CN200510030198

The invention opened non-serum mediums which can proper to culture many kinds of the animal cells. The character of it is to use the DMEM/F12 as the base medium, then add the growth factor, hormone, the essential amino acid and the microelement. It has the functions: (1) it can support many cells an ...

Tan Wensong, Zhu Minglong, Niu Hongxing, Zhou Yan, Hua Ping, Gu Xiaohua: High-density continous pouring culture of animal cell. Huadong Science And Engineering Univ, luo dachen, May 31, 2006: CN200510030199

The invention opened a high density filling culture method of the animal cells. It study the metabolic rule of the cell growth, the nutrient consumption and the metabolic byproduct accumulation by studying theirs dynamics to determine and control the optimal nutritive condition. It feed the nutrient ...


Wu Yanyang, Xie Liangfa, Zhao Wenzhong, Long Jie, Yuan Jincheng, Niu Hongxing, Che Jinfeng: Thick chromium-molybdenum steel plate for hydrogenation equipment and production method thereof. Wuyang Iron and Steel, Hebei lron and Steel Group, niu aizhou, September 14, 2011: CN201110095308

The invention discloses a thick chromium-molybdenum steel plate for hydrogenation equipment, and also discloses a production method of a steel plate. The steel plate comprises the following components by weight percent: 0.12%-0.15% of C, 0.02%-0.07% of Si, 0.50%-0.60% of Mn, less than or equal to 0. ...



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