Nishimura Akira, Akamatsu Hiroshi, Negoro Sentaro, Yoshida Yasutoshi: Composition and device for capturing cockroaches. Earth Chemical Company, Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner, October 21, 1975: US3913259 (61 worldwide citation)

A composition for capturing cockroaches comprising a mixture of softener and tackifying resin in the weight ratio of 3-9 : 7- 1 and 0 to 10 percent by weight of rubber, based on the total weight of said mixture and said rubber, and having a viscosity of 40 to 2,100 poises at 25.degree.C, the composi ...

Nishimura Akira, Kanazawa Takaaki: Catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas. Toyota Motor, May 7, 2003: JP2003-126694 (50 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To inhibit a grain growth of a noble metal particle and to enhance durability.SOLUTION: The catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas is constituted by a carrier 1 comprising a CeO2-ZrO2 combined oxide; an oxide particle of at least one kind of metal selected from Al, Ni and Fe carried ...

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The present invention is aimed at providing FRP formed by integrating a fiber reinforcing material and a non-woven fabric, and having excellent shaping ability, impact resistance after molding, and excellent reliability and low cost. The aim of the present invention is achieved by a complex fiber re ...

Nishimura Akira, Ono Takayuki, Sakai Miho: Coating film forming method and coating film. Toyota Motor, Kansai Paint, May 1, 2008: JP2008-100129 (23 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a coating film forming method advantageous to form a coating film having high chroma when a light receiving angle changes while forming a coating film layer by utilizing titania, and the coating film.SOLUTION: The coating film forming method includes a process for fo ...

Hasegawa Takahiro, Kashihara Takanobu, Mesaki Junichiro, Nishimura Akira: Heater-fumigator.. Earth Chemical Co, April 11, 1990: EP0362397-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

The heater-fumigator of the present invention is a cordless type heater-fumigator for a chemical whose plug (12) is directly fixed to the back of the body (1). The body (1) is equipped with a heater (5) for heating a chemical and a fitting port (7) for fitting and coupling a chemical bottle (8). The ...



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The present invention provides a gene which is suited to the expression of beta -urogastrone, corresponding recombinant plasmids, corresponding transformants and preparation thereof and of beta -urogastrone.

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A liquid optical siloxane polymer having a group for modifying a refractive index of the polymer which is introduced in a side chain of the polymer by a hydrosilyl reaction of one of following systems: (A) a compound having a carbon-carbon unsaturated bond and a group for modifying a refractive inde ...

Nishimura Akira: Device for embedding and detection of electronic watermark data in sound signal using amplitude modulation. Nishimura Akira, September 21, 2006: JP2006-251676 (15 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device for embedding electronic watermarks and a device for detecting electronic watermarks which can embed electronic watermark information with small sound quality deterioration and high safety without always requiring a source signal before a watermark is embedd ...