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The motion detection circuit is so constructed that an interframe difference signal is passed through a horizontal direction LPF (3) and a vertical direction LPF (10) in cascade connection, and the interframe difference signal ( alpha ) thus obtained is divided by the value (8) obtained by mixing an ...

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An interframe coding system provided for highly efficient transmission of coded television picture signal is picture motion in response to interframe correlation detected by shifting moving blocks in a direction opposite to a motion vector detected for predicting interframe picture motion in order t ...


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An image signal processing apparatus for processing an MUSE signal or an NTSC signal comprises frame delay means (500); movement detection means (600, 610, 617) for detecting the movement of an image on the basis of the difference signals in one frame interval and two frame interval of image signals ...

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According to the present invention, there is provided a television receiver provided with two field memories (20, 21) for storing movement control signals, an OR circuit (22), a frame memory (17) formed in the unit of field, two switches (23, 26) controlled by the freeze signal, a switch (24) contro ...

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A method and apparatus for detecting the motion of image in a television signal is intended for a decoder of a multiple subsampling transmission signal without an interframe aliased portion in a lower frequency region. In the method and apparatus for detecting the motion, a next-adjacent interframe ...

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The demodulation circuit comprises a counting circuit (11) which detects from the outputs of an error correction circuit (2) how many samples are interpolated continuously and two AND circuits (9,10) which perform AND operation of the output of the circuit (11) and a mute signal that is generated wh ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely reduce flicker and harmonic current during heater control for a fixing device.SOLUTION: The fixing device includes: a fixing member for fixing an image onto a recording material by heat; a heater having a main heater for heating the fixing member by generating heat wi ...