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A memory system couples to a local bus of a microprocessor includes at least a pair of dynamic random access memories (DRAMs) and includes means for storing the first address of an address sequence at the beginning of each burst operation and uses predetermined bits to generate any one of the set of ...


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A memory system comprises a plurality of rows (RASO-RAS7) of memory chips, 22 chips per row (for 22-bit words). Each chip contains 64K bits, giving 64K words per row. The least significant bits (bits 21 and 22) of the word address select the row of chips, so that successive word addresses are in suc ...



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A cache memory subsystem has multilevel directory memory and buffer memory pipeline stages shared by at least a pair of independently operated central processing units and a first in first out (FIFO) device which connects to a system bus of a tightly coupled data processing system. The cache subsyst ...



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A processing unit couples to a system bus in common with a peer processor, a main memory, in addition to other units, and includes a microprocessor which tightly couples to a local memory also accessible from such bus. The processing unit also includes an addressable electrically erasable programmab ...

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A data processing system includes a system management unit, a number of central subsystems, a main memory and a number of peripheral subsystems all coupled in common to a system bus. Any subsystem may generate a command which includes a first field specifying a destination subsystem, a second field ...