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A touch screen system that can approximate tracking and dragging states regardless of the user's orientation and without reliance on direct sensing of touch pressure or area. A first detector generates a signal representing a first image of an object interacting with the touch screen. A second detec ...

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An optical touch detection system may rely on triangulating points in a touch area based on the direction of shadows cast by an object interrupting light in the touch area. When two interruptions occur simultaneously, ghost points and true touch points triangulated from the shadows can be distinguis ...

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A digital computer system having multiple memory units for storing information words representative of data and instructions, control means including means for extracting information words from the memory units, and two instruction registers. A first instruction register stores an instruction while ...


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A touch screen (1) which uses light sources (4) at one or more edges of the screen (1) which directs light across the surface of the screen (1) and at least two cameras (6) having electronic outputs located at the periphery of the screen (1) to receive light from said light sources (4). A processor ...

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Compounds of formula (I) in which one of R or R must be alkylsubstituted pyridyl, processes for their preparation, compositions containing them and their use as inhibitors of 5-lipoxygenase.

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A low profile touch display can be provided, namely one including an optical detection system with the bulk of the electronics and optics positioned partially or completely below the detecting plane surface. The light source and optical detection system components can be configured so that the exit ...

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In an optical touch display system, light from a primary source can be retroreflected to a detector in the absence of an object in the detection area. When an object is present, its position can be triangulated based on the direction of its shadows at the detectors. Accuracy can be improved with a s ...

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A refuse collection arrangement is included or associated with a work surface 714 provided with a removable lid 712 so that when the lid is removed, refuse can be thrown into a bin or container 722 located beneath the opening, or pushed over the edge of the opening into the bin. The bin is provided ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for use with image forming apparatus having a pair of galvanometers one of which, in response to a ramp signal rotates a mirror which scans lines in one direction across the image and the other of which in response to a staircase signal rotates another mirror in a direction pe ...