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Compounds of formula (I): wherein R is halogen, alkyl or alkoxy; R is hydrogen, halogen, alkyl or alkoxy; R is an optionally substituted, saturated, unsaturated or aromatic, carbo- or hetero-, mono- or bi-cyclic group; R is hydrogen or alkyl, -@@ (CH2)n - R is located meta or para to the imidazoliny ...

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Vasoconstrictor alpha -adrenergic agonists of formula (I) A-B-C (1) wherein, A is a 2-imidazoline group or a guanidine group; B is a chemical bond or a linking group one or two atoms in length; and C is a C6-10 mono- or bi-cyclic group which is either an aromatic group, a heteroaromatic group contai ...


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A compound of formula (I) wherein (i) P is a bond, oxygen, sulphur, NR, methylene, ethylene or vinylene and X is and R and R are each hydrogen, halogen, hydroxy, acyloxy, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy or trifluoromethyl and R is hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower aralkyl; aminoethyl or aminopropyl each option ...


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A pharmaceutical or veterinary oral rehydration composition for treating diarrhoea or scours comprises guanoxabenz or an acid addition salt thereof, in aqueous solution also containing at least 0.5% w/v of an actively absorbed monosaccharide, at least 25mM sodium ions and having an osmolarity of les ...

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alpha 2-adrenergic agonists, especially compounds (I) wherein R is hydrogen or hydroxy R is hydrogen or methyl R is hydrogen or methyl R is hydrogen, meta-hydroxy or orth-methoxy and R is hydrogen, para-hydroxy or meta-methoxy and salts thereof may be administered orally for treatment of diarrhoea a ...

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Compounds of formula (I) wherein R is halogen, C1-4 alkyl or C1-4 alkoxy; R is hydrogen, C1-4 alkyl or optionally substituted aryl; R and R are the same or different and each is hydrogen, C1-6 alkyl, optionally substituted aryl or optionally substituted aralkyl; R is hydrogen, halogen, C1-4 alkyl or ...

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A method for treatment or preventing diarrhoea or scours which comprises administering to a human or non-human animal in need thereof an effective non toxic amount of a compound of formula (I); or an N-oxide or pharmaceutically acceptable quaternised derivative or pharmaceutically acceptable salt th ...