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1. Method for the determination of enzymes with the aid of antibodies against the enzyme to be determined, which are bonded to a water-insoluble carrier, characterised in that enzymes which, with an inhibitor, form an enzyme/inhibitor complex are incubated in form of such a complex with the bonded a ...

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The invention relates to a monitoring apparatus with a switching device, which operates as a function of a current detection device, for opening and closing circuits in the event of an overload, having a processor and nominal value stores with which actual values can be compared and evaluated. Integ ...

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Die Anmeldung betrifft Verfahren und Mittel zur quantitativen immunologischen Bestimmung von Enzymen in Flüssigkeiten, die dadurch gekennzeichnet sind, dass man die an einem wasserunlöslichen Träger adsorbierten Antikörper gegen das zu bestimmende Enzym mit der dieses Enzym enthaltenden Probelösung ...

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The invention relates to a procedure and means for the turbidimetric or nephelometric determination of analytes in liquids with the aid of an antibody binding reaction. The procedure is characterised in that a polypeptide is reacted with antibody or fragments thereof, the resulting coupling product ...

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The invention relates to means and methods for the detection of bacteria of the genus Listeria, in particular of L. monocytogenes. The means according to the invention include primers whose sequence is selected from the iap gene of L. monocytogenes. The means according to the invention also include ...

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The invention relates to moulding materials made from particular, quaternary ammonium salts of perfluoroalkylsulphonic acids and thermoplastics, with antistatic properties and which show no yellowing on working.

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Es wird ein Leuchtmittel (1), insbesondere für eine Signalleuchte mit wenigstens einer LED (13), die auf einer LED-Leiterplatte (12) angebracht ist, vorgeschlagen, die eine wenig aufwendige und flexible Fertigung ermöglicht. Dies wird erfindungsgemäss dadurch erreicht, dass ein Sockelgehäuse (2) aus ...

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1. Control device for radiators of hot water central heating installations with two separate elongate multichannel distributors (11, 12) which may be optionally mounted in a parallel manner one behind the other on a frame (1) secured to the wall in a wall recess and which have pipe connections (19) ...

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An agent suitable for imparting antistatic properties to plastics is disclosed. The incorporation of small amounts of perfluoroalkylsulfonic acid salt in plastic resins, notably thermoplastic resins was found to be effective for this purpose.

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In a car transportation trailer having at least one axle with running wheels at both ends of the axle and having two running rails, for the cars to be transported, oriented in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and tiltable about an axis running transversely with respect to the longitudinal d ...