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A tracking device for use in an optical tracking system is disclosed. The tracking device has a plurality of faces, each face having at least three markers which can be tracked by the optical tracking system. The markers may be infrared emitting diodes. The tracking system can individually activate ...

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A method and system to facilitate image guided surgery by projecting onto the patient an image corresponding to markings made on pre-acquired images of the patient is disclosed. The image is projected by an imaging projecting device such as a laser which emits coherent visible light. The position of ...

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An apparatus having an insertable portion for holding a position sensor is disclosed. The position sensor can transmit a signal indicative of its position with respect to a field generator. The insertable portion of the apparatus has fiducial markings that are detectable by an imaging modality when ...

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Devices and methods for registering, dynamically referencing, and navigating an anatomical region of interest of a patient are provided using a tracked Kirschner wire (K-wire), where the K-wire includes a position-indicating element.

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The invention provides an image-guided medical instrument that utilizes a tracking device to track the location of at least a portion of the instrument on at least one image of a patient's anatomy. The instrument may include a handle having an operating element, an elongated flexible body member con ...

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A device to releasably secure an object to a bone is disclosed. The device has a rotation restricting member which, while engaging the bone, prevents rotation of the member. The device also comprises an axial supporting member which axially secures the device to the bone, and preferably comprises a ...

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The invention provides systems and methods for providing access to a target site. Example systems may include a needle, a grid to guide the needle, a plate with an aperture, a member coupled to the plate and including a semispherical surface, and a hub slideably coupled to the plate by a guide. The ...

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The invention comprises an integrated skin-mountable multifunction device for use with a computer assisted or image guided surgical system and methods of using the same, wherein the multifunction device includes a patient mountable portion that has at least one position indicating element and at lea ...

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Systems and methods for obtaining position sensor space data regarding an endovascular prosthesis within an anatomical region of a patient include at least one position indicating element which is movable within an endovascular prosthesis is tracked by a tracking system. A guidance portion of the en ...

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The invention provides a system and method for testing and correcting the accuracy of a tracking device in a volume using an accuracy device. The invention may include placing a rigid object into an experimental volume and sampling position and orientation information regarding one or more position ...