Patrick O McCue, Nedward B Dunnington: Ambulance attendants safety vest and harness. Warren F B Lindsley, August 13, 1996: US05544363 (40 worldwide citation)

A vest and harness combination is disclosed comprising a sleeveless vest formed of a fabric material for covering the shoulders, front and back of a wearer. A harness comprising two pairs of spaced webs is secured to said vest. The first pair of spaced webs is attached to and extends longitudinally ...

Patrick O McCue, Nedward B Dunnington, David Rozzen: Remote air transport truck. Warren F B Lindsley, November 5, 1996: US05570895 (31 worldwide citation)

A truck containing air cylinders and associated pressure control and delivery apparatus for use in supplying breathing air and air for tool operation in remote rescue operations. The truck is shielded for protection of its equipment against damage due to impact. Separate breathing air and tool air r ...