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A control system, as for controlling automotive body functions, is powered by a limited capacity electrical power source and is structured and controlled in a manner to minimize consumption of electrical power. The control system conducts data transactions between a central control station and one o ...

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An improved control system is provided for controlling the variable characteristic associated with automotive peripheral devices, such as seats, mirrors, seat bladders or the like, having a "memory" capability. The control system avoids overloading a central controller and/or a data link between the ...

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A serial data communications system, particularly for use in an automotive environment is disclosed in which bidirectional serial data communication is effected between a central control station and one or more remote stations with high integrity. The central control station includes a central contr ...

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A magnetic automotive lamp current sensor has a coil 12 connected in series with an automotive lamp 14 (FIG. 2). The coil is mounted on a core 15 having a channel 16 through which the turns of the coil pass an has an opening 18 in which a magnetic flux sensor 20 is inserted. Whenever the lamp is pow ...

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A system is shown for enhancing signals produced by the scanning components of an optical character reader. Analog video signals produced by a scanner are converted to digital video signals representing a plurality of pixels. Digital video signals representing a matrix of pixels where the matrix is ...

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The multiple taco shaping and frying apparatus allows for five to ten tortillas to be pressed and formed into the perfect ā€œVā€ shaped form and submerged into a standard home use deep fryer or pot.