Nathan Anthony Scolari, Daniel Robert Cabral, Geoffrey Michael Bergmark: Scooter and pedal drive assembly. Zike, David L King, March 6, 2012: US08128111 (25 worldwide citation)

An improved two wheeled reciprocating pedal driven scooter has a frame, front steering wheel, rear drive wheel, and rear wheel drive mechanism. The drive mechanism has two reciprocating foot pedals straddling the frame and extending to a forward hinge attachment location on the frame. The hinge loca ...

Nathan Anthony Scolari, Gregory John Owoc: Pedal-drive system for manually propelling multi-wheeled cycles. ZIKE, David L King, August 25, 2015: US09114848 (2 worldwide citation)

A pedal-drive system for propelling multi-wheeled cycles includes two pedal level arms connected to a pair of two-bar linkages, which are drivingly attached to corresponding crank pins on each respective side of a common drive spindle, perpendicular to the cycle frame. The linkages rotate the said s ...

Nathan Anthony Scolari, George Robert Reiter: Derailleur. Zike, David L King, April 14, 2015: US09005060

A derailleur 10, for moving a chain 60 to different sized sprockets arranged small to large in a sprocket nest 101 is disclosed. The derailleur 10 has a pivot guide feed arm 11 for directing the chain 60 onto one of multiple sprockets within the sprocket nest 101. The pivot guide feed arm 11 is rota ...








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