Masaaki Ozaki, Koichi Miyashita, Kenji Maekawa, Takahisa Kaneko, Naoki Matsumoto, Kazuhiro Inoguchi: Non-uniformly-rigid barrier wall spacers used to correct problems caused by thermal contraction of smectic liquid crystal material. Denso Corporation, Pillsbury Winthrop L, January 8, 2002: US06337730 (189 worldwide citation)

According to this liquid crystal cell, a vacuum to be established between two electrode substrates as a result of the volume shrinkage of a liquid crystal having a high viscosity at the room temperature can be damped by communicating between two of a plurality of filling portions formed between two ...

Lee Chen, Caiz Hong Tian, Naoki Matsumoto: Surface wave plasma processing system and method of using. Tokyo Electron, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, November 21, 2006: US07138767 (121 worldwide citation)

A SWP source includes an electromagnetic (EM) wave launcher configured to couple EM energy in a desired EM wave mode to a plasma by generating a surface wave on a plasma surface of the EM wave launcher adjacent the plasma. A power coupling system is coupled to the EM wave launcher and configured to ...

Kensaku Motoki, Takuji Okahisa, Naoki Matsumoto, Tatsuya Nishimoto: GaN single crystal substrate and method of producing same. Sumitomo Electric, Smith Gambrell & Russell, July 2, 2002: US06413627 (114 worldwide citation)

A freestanding GaN single crystal substrate is made by the steps of preparing a (111) GaAs single crystal substrate, forming a mask having periodically arranged windows on the (111) GaAs substrate, making thin GaN buffer layers on the GaAs substrate in the windows of the mask, growing a GaN epitaxia ...

Kensaku Motoki, Takuji Okahisa, Naoki Matsumoto: Method of growing single crystal GaN, method of making single crystal GaN substrate and single crystal GaN substrate. Sumitomo Electric, Smith Gambrell & Russell, October 22, 2002: US06468347 (102 worldwide citation)

A GaN single crystal is grown by synthesizing GaN in vapor phase, piling a GaN crystal on a substrate, producing a three-dimensional facet structure including facets in the GaN crystal without making a flat surface, maintaining the facet structure without burying the facet structure, and reducing di ...

Kensaku Motoki, Takuji Okahisa, Naoki Matsumoto: GaN single crystal substrate and method of making the same. Sumitomo Electric, Smith Gambrell & Russell, February 17, 2004: US06693021 (54 worldwide citation)

The method of making a GaN single crystal substrate comprises a mask layer forming step of forming on a GaAs substrate

Naoki Matsumoto, Hiroaki Kuraoka, Naoto Ohoka, Masahiro Ohba: Servo control system. Nippondenso, Cushman Darby & Cushman, March 19, 1991: US05001640 (48 worldwide citation)

A servo control system includes an actuator controlling a controlled quantity. A device detects the controlled quantity and generates a detection signal representative thereof. The actuator is controlled in response to a target value and the detection signal so that the detected controlled quantity ...


Akito Toyoda, Kenji Yamamoto, Masaaki Ozaki, Naoki Matsumoto: Stereoscopic image display device. Denso Corporation, Law Offices of David G Posz, September 10, 2002: US06448952 (26 worldwide citation)

A device for displaying a stereoscopic image in which cross-talk is suppressed. A left eye image and a right eye image alternately displayed on a liquid crystal display panel are viewed through an eye shutter having a left eye and a right eye shutter which are alternately switched. The image is disp ...

Koji Tajima, Naoki Matsumoto, Hiroaki Ban, Kazuhiro Yamada: System for notifying toll charge information. NTT Docomo, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, May 30, 2006: US07053793 (23 worldwide citation)

When car navigation device 100 detects that a vehicle has passed a toll gate, car navigation device 100 outputs a toll gate passage signal. When mobile communication terminal 200 receives the toll gate passage signal, mobile communication terminal 200 accesses from charge server 400 an entity of ele ...

Hiroyuki Kishita, Masahiko Osada, Koji Ogusu, Takashi Hanaki, Naoki Matsumoto: Electroluminescent display device. Denso Corporation, Law Office of David G Posz, January 16, 2001: US06175193 (23 worldwide citation)

A flat display panel having electroluminescent layer and scanning and data electrodes is driven by driving circuits connected to the respective electrodes. Scanning voltages are sequentially supplied to the scanning electrodes one by one, and data voltages are supplied to the data electrodes in sync ...

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