Najvar Daniel J: Impact resistant vinyl ester resin and process for making same. The Dow Chemical Company, Aamoth H L, July 1, 1975: US3892819 (46 worldwide citation)

Vinyl ester resins with improved impact resistance and other benefits and advantages may be obtained by a process modification wherein up to 20 percent of the unsaturated monocarboxylic acid, which is reacted with a polyepoxide, is replaced by an equivalent amount of a liquid carboxy terminated poly ...

Najvar Daniel J, Parks Christ F, Bennett Garry A, Nimerick Kenneth H: Stabilization of soil with water-in-vinyl ester resin emulsions. The Dow Chemical Company, March 28, 1972: US3651649 (29 worldwide citation)

Catalyzed emulsions of a water phase dispersed in a continuous phase of a polymerizable vinyl ester resin containing a copolymerizable monomer are prepared and applied to a soil or aggregate surface. The emulsion is then allowed to cure to a hard cross-linked resin having entrapped therein dispersed ...

Najvar Daniel J: Process and compositions for making porous low density thermoset resins from water-in-resin emulsions. The Dow Chemical Company, June 13, 1972: US3669911 (20 worldwide citation)

The difficulty in readily removing water from cured water-in-thermosettable resin emulsions has been overcome by adding to the emulsion from about 0.005 to 10 parts per 100 parts of emulsion of a polyalkylene oxide block copolymer, nonionic surfactant wherein the hydrophobe portion of the nonionic s ...

Najvar Daniel J: Low shrink water extended vinyl ester resin emulsion. The Dow Chemical Company, Aamoth H L, May 27, 1975: US3886107 (7 worldwide citation)

Control of shrinkage upon curing a water-in-vinyl ester resin emulsion and in dewatering same may be obtained by adding to the emulsion a resin soluble polymer such as an interpolymer of styrene-hydroxypropyl acrylate-methyl methacrylate.

Najvar Daniel J: Emulsion dune resine etiree dester de vinyle, Low shrink water extended vinyl ester resin emulsion. The Dow Chemical Company, September 19, 1978: CA1038988

ABSTRACT This invention concerns a water-in-resinemulsion. The resin phase comprises a mixture of 1) aterminally unsaturated vinyl ester resin prepared byreaction of a polyepoxide with an ethylenically unsaturatedmonocarboxylic acid, 2) a copolymerizable alkenylaromaticmonomer, and 3) from 0.5 to 20 ...

Najvar Daniel J: Resine dester depoxyde durcissable sous rayonnement et contenant un polymere vinylique, Radiation curable epoxy ester resin containing a vinyl polymer. The Dow Chemical Company, SMART & BIGGAR, November 4, 1980: CA1089143

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE It is known to prepare polymers by reaction acids containing anunsaturation with polyepoxides. Such methods involve the use of hazardousor toxic monomers. However, the resultant polymers have a wide industrialutility. The present invention seeks to overcome the disadvantag ...