FOX THOMAS WILLIAM, MYERS WILLIAM: [en] Improvements in Apparatus for Treating Artificial Threads.. FOX THOMAS WILLIAM, MYERS WILLIAM, December 21, 1911: GB191101022-A

[en] 1022. Fox, T. W., and Myers, W. Jan. 14. Reeling - machines twisting - machines with twisting-arrangements at delivery swifts. - In apparatus for simultaneously twisting and reeling artificial threads, the threads are unwound from bobbins, twisted by rotation of the bobbin-carriers, treated wit ...


Clark Earnest Hubert, Myers William Desmond: Mechanically set well packer. Baker Oil Tools, April 24, 1963: GB924231-A

924,231. Wells. BAKER OIL TOOLS Inc. March 14, 1960, No. 8910/60. Class 85. A well packer A adapted to be lowered into a well casing B on a tubing string D comprises a body 10, an expander 16 on the body, slips 12 adapted to be shifted by the expander longitudinally and outwardly of the body, and re ...

MYERS WILLIAM: [en] Improvements in Shedding Mechanism for Weaving Figured Reversible Terry Fabrics.. MYERS WILLIAM, October 29, 1898: GB189728020-A

[en] 28,020. Myers, W. Nov. 29. Jacquards for weaving figured raversible terry fabrics are so arranged that one needle, such as n, controls two warp pile threads or sets of threads, such as r, w, and one jacquard or other card controls one complete terry weave, whether it be 3, 4, 5, or 6 picks to t ...

MYERS WILLIAM: [en] Improvements in or relating to Envelopes and the like.. MYERS WILLIAM, November 12, 1903: GB190300865-A

[en] 865. Myers, W. Jan. 13. Envelopes &c. - The edges of the blanks are serrated, as at a, Fig. 1, or cut at intervals, as at a, Fig. 2, or both, Fig. 3. The serrations may occupy only part of the flap. An extra serrated flap A, Fig. 3, may be added and secured to the main flap B, as shown in Fig. ...

MYERS WILLIAM M: [en] Improvements in Air-compressors.. MYERS WILLIAM M, June 4, 1903: GB190300754-A

[en] 754. Myers, W. M. Jan. 12. Compressing.-The air is displaced in the compression chambers 3, 4 by liquid moved by the piston 1. The liquid is supplied in sufficient quantities to absorb the heat of compression, by a pump 10 driven by a cam through an adjustable lever 16. The liquid is delivered ...



MYERS WILLIAM: [en] An Adaptable Combined Mop, Window Cleaner, Scrubber, and Carriage Washer for General and Domestic use.. MYERS WILLIAM, August 17, 1905: GB190500449-A

[en] 449. Myers, W. Jan. 10. Handles vices.- Relates to a cleansing-utensil for domestic and general use, which may be adapted to serve as a combined mop, window cleaner, scrubber, carriage washer, and wall cleaner. At the end of a suitable handle is fixed a jawed holding-device b, Fig. 6, consistin ...

MYERS WILLIAM MURRAY: [en] Improvements in Boiler Alarms. MYERS WILLIAM MURRAY, June 20, 1907: GB190703781-A

[en] 3781. Myers, W. M. Feb. 15. Water-levels, indicating.-The fall of the float 9 in the column 8, which opens to the boiler, and of the weight 11, attached to the float, causes a depression of the flexible diaphragm 12 with the result that the movable contact 14 touches the fixed contact 13. The c ...