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Multipoint Stations are controlled by one or more pilot tones broadcasted by a base station. The pilot tones are used to control the local oscillators of the remote stations both for receive and for transmit. The pilot tone is also used to control the input gain and the transmit gain of the remote s ...

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A system for isothermally separating one component from a fluid mixture to produce a breathable fluid by alternately presenting the fluid mixture to first and second beds of adsorbent material. A control valve adjacent each of the beds will admit the fluid under pressure from a compressor and a stor ...

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The invention involves providing cooperative areas on a sprocket and a chain for stabilizing and improving the operation of the latter.

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A transportable modular assault vehicle water egress and bridge access/egress surfacing or trackway system wherein a plurality of rectangularly shaped planks or sections (12) are joined by flexible hinge members (24) and can be folded accordion fashion and suspended in a container for storing, trans ...

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A method and system for controlling fuel in a gas turbine engine (10) including a fuel supply system channeling fuel to a combustor (10) are provided. The system' includes a first heat exchanger (302) configured to transfer heat between a working fluid such as engine lubricating oil and a first cool ...

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In an oxygen concentrator which is intended for aircraft use, a booster compressor (16) is used to increase the pressure of the product gas from the concentrator (15) in order to increase the amount of the gas which can be stored in a plenum (17). The booster includes two moving pistons (47,49) whic ...

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A system 200 for actively controlling fuel flow from a fuel pump 202 to a mixer assembly 100 of a gas turbine engine combustor (26 fig 1) has at least one sensor 218 for detecting dynamic pressure in the combustor, a fuel nozzle (68 fig 4) for delivering fuel to the combustor, a controller 204 and a ...

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890,144. Drilling wells. BAKER OIL TOOLS Inc. May 15, 1959, No. 16734/59. Class 85. Relates to apparatus, incorporated in a casing or drill pipe string, which permits the level of well fluid entering the string to be controlled as the string is run into the well. As shown, the apparatus A is incorpo ...

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A data integration system and method collects and stores customer information from disparate information sources in real-time. The stored information can be retrieved and assembled for presentation to a user according to the role and/or security profile of the user. The customer information is prese ...

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An anti-G valve with a pressure sensitive wall member which compares ambient pressure with ram pressure to anticipate a condition from which high onset of 'g' could occur and transmits an operational signal. The transmitted operational signal controls the flow of a first fluid under pressure to unba ...