Murray William M: Methods and apparatus for external fixation of bone fractures. Buell Blenki and Ziesenheim, April 15, 1975: US3877424 (38 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for external fixation of bone fractures. The method comprises inserting at least one pin in each major fragment of bone with a portion of the pins extending above the skin surface, drawing the pins toward one another and applying a bridge to the pins to hold them ...



Murray William M: Stirring and extruding liquid bone cement. Murray William M, August 7, 2002: GB2371765-A

A device for stirring and then extruding liquid bone cement having: a) A cylindrical body (122) having opposed ends and a hollow interior between the ends b) A piston (124) positioned in one end of the body to close the end of the body while permitting relative rotation between the piston and the bo ...

Murray William M: Bone cement mixer and method. Murray William M, November 7, 2001: GB2361878-A

A bone cement mixer (10) having a cartridge housing (12) for receiving an open bone cement cartridge (120) filled with bone cement powder (164) with a stirrer (142) in the cartridge, and a cover (14) which is fitted over the housing (12) to define a vacuum chamber (20). The chamber is evacuated and ...



Murray William M: Systeme de distribution de ciment pour les os, Bone cement system. Precision Medical Devices, MACRAE & CO, January 26, 1993: CA1313095

Abstract of the Disclosure A bone cement system useful in flowing liquid bone cement into a prepared long bone medullary canal prior to implanting a prothesis stem in the canal.

Murray William M: Bec et methode dinjection de colle dans le canal medullaire des os, Bone cement nozzle and method. Murray William M, MACRAE & CO, May 6, 1986: CA1204134

Attornye's Case No. 247 Abstract of the Disclosure An improved bone cement nozzle and method for use in filling a long bone medullary canal with bone cement. The nozzle includes an expandable shield which scrapes the canal wall and pressurizes the cement as it enters the canal so that it flows into ...

Murray William M: Method and apparatus for machining bone. Murray William M, ORKIN Russell D, November 23, 1995: WO/1995/031146

An apparatus for retaining a bone site in a fixed position and guiding a high-speed power tool (400) for machining the bone, such as a patella, including a positioner frame (20) for rigid attachment about the bone site. The frame (20) includes a bone clamping mechanism (101) capable of adjustment an ...