Murkes Jakob: Apparatus for continuously separating a sludge-containing mixture of two liquids. Alfa Laval, January 16, 1973: US3710949 (10 worldwide citation)

A first chamber for static pre-separation of the mixture and a second chamber for static after-separation are located one above the other and are interconnected by a plurality of straight, substantially vertical flow channels. Each such channel has a pair of opposed walls which are spaced from each ...


Murkes Jakob: Apparatus for separating a liquid mixture. Alfa Laval, December 28, 1971: US3630432 (8 worldwide citation)

The liquid mixture to be separated, such as oil and water, is supplied by a rotary displacement pump having a variable speed drive for controlling the supply rate, and the mixture entering the pump is supplied in its entirety to a centrifugal separator having an inlet arranged to bring the supplied ...

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A closed chamber of a casing contains means forming substantially vertical channels extending completely through the chamber, each channel having a wall of filter material and also having an inlet and an outlet disposed outside the casing. The bottom wall of the chamber slopes downward to a separate ...

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The disperse phase of an emulsion is coalesced by passing the emulsion through a bed of bodies located between an inlet and an outlet and which are wettable preferentially by the disperse phase. The emulsion is caused to flow through the coalescence bed while allowing mutual movability of the bodies ...

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1280958 Separating oil, water and sludge ALFA LAVAL AB 22 Oct 1970 [5 Nov 1969] 50313/70 Heading BID A vessel for separating dispersed oil from water and sludge is divided by wall 6 into upper and lower compartments 2, 3 connected by an array of channels 1 to 5 mm. wide and formed by parallel plates ...