Yeheskel Murad Kelly, Levin Ramel: Organizer interface system and method. Commonsense Software, Sklar Warren A, SKLAR Warren A, December 28, 2000: WO/2000/079387

A user interface for computers, comprises a display, a number of plug-ins for obtaining information from respective data resources in the computer, and an organizer for simultaneously displaying the information on the display at respective locations. The information displayed can be moved around on ...

Yeheskel, Murad Kelly, Levin Ramel: Information dissemination system and method and marketing system and method. Ishare, Yeheskel, Murad Kelly, Levin Ramel, SKLAR Warren A, December 28, 2000: WO/2000/079393

Apparatus for promoting business and commerce using a computer system, includes a first computer for transmitting a recommendation about a source to a second computer, the recommendation including identification of the source and identification of the first computer or the user thereof, a memory for ...

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