Hambrecht Juergen Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Gerberding Karl Dr, Schmitt Burghard Dr, Boehlke Klaus Dr: Thermoplastic moulding compositions.. BASF, April 2, 1986: EP0176060-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic moulding composition which is based on polyphenylene ethers or mixtures of polyphenylene ethers and styrene polymers and additionally contains a hydrogenated random copolymer of styrene and butadiene and a block polymer of styrene and butadiene.

Muehlbach Klaus Dr, Baierweck Petra Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Blinne Gerd Dr, Ramlow Gerhard Dr: Thermoplastic mouldings based on partially aromatic copolyamides and polyolefines.. BASF, December 23, 1992: EP0519248-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic moulding compositions containing A) 4-94% by weight of a partly aromatic, partly crystalline copolyamide having a diamine content of less than 0.5% by weight, built up from (A1) 20-90% by weight of units derived from terephthalic acid and hexamethylenediamine, (A2) 0-50% by weight of u ...

Hambrecht Juergen Dr, Brandstetter Franz Dr, Ziegler Walter Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Bronstert Klaus Dr, Echte Adolf Dr: Thermoplastic moulding compositions.. BASF, January 25, 1984: EP0099062-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastische Formmasse, die ein Styrolpolymerisat, einen Polyphenylenether sowie als eine die Schlagzähigkeit verbessernde Komponente ein Blockcopolymerisat enthält das durch Umsetzung eines Ethylencopolymerisates mit einem lebenden polymeren Anion erhalten worden ist.

Brandstetter Franz Dr, Ball Wolfgang Dr, Gropper Hans Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Werner Michael Dr, Ziegler Walter Dr: Process for the preparation of block copolymers from ethene copolymers, block polymers and their use as additives in thermoplastic and mineral oils, and as melt adhesives.. BASF, June 29, 1983: EP0082399-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of block copolymers based on ethylene copolymers which contain, as a functional group, at least one acrylate, methacrylate, keto, aldehyde, nitrile, halogen, carboxylic anhydride, imino, epoxide or isocyanate group in copolymerised form, the ethylene copolymers being re ...

Hambrecht Juergen Dr, Gerberding Karl Dr, Brandstetter Franz Dr, Echte Adolf Dr, Swoboda Johann Dr, Boehlke Klaus Dr, Gausepohl Hermann Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr: Thermoplastic moulding masses.. BASF, April 9, 1986: EP0176896-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic moulding compositions which are based on polyphenylene ethers and styrene polymers and additionally contain a hydrogenated, random copolymer of monoalkenyl-aromatic hydrocarbons and conjugated dienes.

Pipper Gunter, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Dauns Harald Dr: Manufacturing process of linear polyamides.. BASF, November 6, 1991: EP0455066-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

Verfahren zur Herstellung von linearen Polyamiden, wobei man in einem flüssigen Reaktionsmedium die entsprechenden Dicarbonsäuren und Diamine unter Zusatz von katalytisch wirksamen Phosphorverbindungen umsetzt, das Reaktionsmittel entfernt und ein festes Salz erhält, dieses in fester Phase bei einer ...

Heinz Gerhard Dr, Richter Peter Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr: Photopolymerisable compositions and elements made therefrom.. BASF, March 30, 1983: EP0075236-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

Fotopolymerisierbare Gemische aus (a) mindestens einem Blockcopolymerisat, (b) mindestens einer fotopolymerisierbaren, ethylenisch ungesättigten, niedermolekularen Verbindung, (c) einem Fotopolymerisationsinitiator sowie (d) gegebenenfalls weiteren Zusatzstoffen enthalten als Komponente (a) solche B ...

Bronstert Klaus Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr, Stegmaier Wolfgang Dr, Ladenberger Volker Dr, Springer Hartmut, Pipper Gunter: Continuous process for the removal of solved substances from polymer solutions.. BASF, March 2, 1988: EP0257520-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

Dissolved substances are removed continuously from polymer solutions by means of an annular gap evaporator, essentially consisting of tubes arranged in parallel and vertically in the form of a tube bundle with displacement bodies each arranged concentrically in the tubes and a charging and distribut ...

Mueller Wolfgang F, Spencer Ii Gwynne W: Stacked module using standard integrated circuit chips.. Ibm, May 6, 1987: EP0220460-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

A module (30) formed of stacked integrated circuit chips (20, 25) having similar functional pin assignments includes a connector strap (22) which contacts the select or enable pin (4) of the upper chip and forms an extra pin (24) so that each chip in the module can be separately selected. The remain ...

Bronstert Klaus Dr, Mueller Wolfgang F Dr: Salts of polyvalent cations of block copolymers of vinyl-aromatic monomers and conjugated dienes.. BASF, May 6, 1987: EP0220612-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

1. A block polymer of vinylaromatics and conjugated dienes which possesses acidic terminal groups, the said polymer being in the form of a salt of the formula [R-Ya -X (cation)]n [M]**n (anion) where M is polyvalent metal cation or a metal cation complex, X is a group of the formula see diagramm : E ...

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