Moore Jr Robert B: Guiding apparatus for eliminating entanglement and twist in puddled multifilament yarn. Eastman Kodak Company, May 25, 1971: US3580445 (10 worldwide citation)

A guiding apparatus for eliminating filament entanglement and twist in a multifilament ribbon of yarn puddled by a gas-operated puddling jet. The apparatus is revolvably mounted on the inlet end of a puddling jet and provides a snubbing action on the yarn whereby the adverse effect produced by the t ...

Ammons Robert L, Moore Jr Robert B: Spun polyester strands and method for making. Eastman Kodak Company, May 23, 1972: US3664114 (3 worldwide citation)

Novel spun polyethylene terephthalate strands of improved percent elongation at break and initial modulus are obtained by (1) passing the strand under tension through a jet gas stream such as steam at a rate and gas temperature that effects fusion to the degree that the pulse propagation of the trea ...

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