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A network switch having switch ports for full-duplex communication of data packets with respective network nodes according to IEEE 802.3 protocol dynamically allocates bandwidth between the switch ports based upon detected activity from the network nodes. The network switch generates an assigned ban ...

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A network switch for switching packets from a source to a destination includes a source port for receiving an incoming packet from a source, a destination port which contains a path to a destination for the packet, and a filter unit for constructing and applying a filter to selected fields of the in ...

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Interpacket delay times are modified in full-duplex Ethernet network devices by calculating for each network station a delay interval based on a time to transmit a data packet at the network rate and a calculated time to transmit the data packet at a desired transmission rate. The network station wa ...

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A method for load balancing in a link aggregation environment, wherein the method includes the steps of determining if a packet flow in a network switch exceeds a predetermined threshold. Then the method includes the step of determining if the packet flow is a candidate for link switching from a fir ...

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An apparatus and method for switching VOIP packets in a data network, wherein the method includes the steps of receiving a first packet in a network switch and determining if the first packet is a VOIP packet. Further, method includes determining a dynamically negotiated VOIP port for a VOIP session ...

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A method of handling packets includes inserting a stack-specific tag into a packet, then processing the packet in a stack of network switches in accordance with tag information in the stack-specific tag. The stack-specific tag is then removed from the packet.

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Collision delay intervals are modified in Ethernet network devices transmitting priority data requiring a guaranteed latency by multiplying an integer multiple number of slot times with a fractional coefficient. A network device having priority data for transmission uses the conventional Truncated B ...