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An injection port for injecting a sample, an accumulation portion for accumulating the injected sample having a reagent carrier enclosed, a flow passage portion, having a light receiving element at a measuring position located halfway thereof, for passing a reaction fluid having reacted with the rea ...

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A flow of liquid containing floating fine particles is formed in a flow path, thereby causing successive movement of the particles. A light beam having intensity distribution from a laser is focused on the liquid flow, whereby the particle is optically trapped at the irradiating position, thus being ...

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A polymeric liquid crystal composition comprises a polymer mesomorphic compound having an asymmetric carbon atom and a low-molecular weight mesomorphic compound. The composition can be easily formed into a film of a large area, shows a response speed which is not substantially different from that of ...

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a color filter manufacturing method which can make the color density of a filter uniform. In order to achieve the object, according to the present invention, there is provided a color filter manufacturing method for a color filter manufactured by f ...

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A PCR amplification product is detected, in quantitative determination of nucleic acid and measurement of the number of bacterial cells or specific genes, by addition of a dye compound which does not fluoresce in the free state but fluoresces in the bonded state to a double-stranded nucleic acid.

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Disclosed herein is a color filter equipped with a plurality of colored light-transmitting areas on its base, wherein the light-transmitting areas are colored with ink dots, and each of the colored portions is continuously formed over a plurality of the light-transmitting areas.

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a color filter manufacturing method which can manufacture a low-cost color filter without causing any ink blurring, any color mixing, and any color omission. In order to achieve the object, according to the present invention, there is provided a co ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently produce a color filter for a liquid crystal element by continuously carrying without stopping the base material for the pattern exposure of a photosensitive resin in the production process of the filter. SOLUTION: A photosensitive resin layer is applied and forme ...

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A crosslinked polymer liquid crystal is stretched to provide a polymer liquid crystal layer (5) with a higher degree of uniform alignment than a non-crosslinked polymer liquid crystal. Such a stretched layer of crosslinked polymer liquid crystal (5) is disposed between a pair of substrates (4,12) to ...

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A data recording medium includes a recording layer which comprises a polymer liquid crystal and a metal chelate compound or soluble large cyclic colorant contained therein. The data recording medium shows a memory characteristic through utilization of phase transition between solid and a liquid crys ...