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In an electrically operated road, such as an escalator, a braking force for stopping the electrically operated road is changed according to whether the running direction is upwardly or downwardly, so that the braking deceleration of the road during emergency stopping of operations will become indepe ...


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In an image signal processor with which a group of control variables, having relevance to one another, stored in registers are activated synchronously with the switching of a picture, when a host sets the control variable group in the registers, mutual coherency is secured even if the setting operat ...

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This invention provides an image signal processing device capable of solving the problems that in an image signal processing device where a group of control variables stored in a register and having inter-connection are synchronized with the switching of picture so as to be effected, it has to be ca ...

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PURPOSE: An image signal processing device is provided to eliminate a need to consider validation synchronized to a synchronous signal, or update timing. CONSTITUTION: A validation permission/inhibition state storing unit(30) shows whether or not validation of a control variation set is permitted, a ...