Mitchell R Dorfman, Burton A Kushner, Jorge E Garcia: Boron nitride and aluminum thermal spray powder. Sulzer Metco, H S Ingham, April 9, 1996: US05506055 (93 worldwide citation)

A composite thermal spray powder, for producing abradable coatings, is substantially in the form of clad particles each of which has a core particle of boron nitride and subparticles of aluminum-silicon alloy. The subparticles are bonded to the core particle with an polymeric binder.

Mitchell R Dorfman, Burton A Kushner: Aluminum and boron nitride thermal spray powder. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, E T Grimes, September 17, 1991: US05049450 (84 worldwide citation)

A composite thermal spray powder for abradable coatings is formed as homogeneously agglomerated particles. Each agglomerated particle consists of pluralities of subparticles of boron nitride and subparticles of aluminum or aluminum alloy bonded with an organic binder.

Frank N Longo, Nicholas F Bader III, Mitchell R Dorfman: Hollow sphere ceramic particles for abradable coatings. METCO Incorporated, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, J D Crane, May 22, 1984: US04450184 (43 worldwide citation)

A hollow sphere ceramic flame spray powder is disclosed. The desired constituents are first formed into agglomerated particles in a spray drier. Then the agglomerated particles are introduced into a plasma flame which is adjusted so that the particles collected are substantially hollow. The hollow s ...

Mitchell R Dorfman, Subramaniam Rangaswamy, Josph D Reardon: Thermal spray iron alloy powder containing molybdenum, copper and boron. Perkin Elmer Corporation, Herbert S Ingham, F L Masselle, E T Grimes, April 18, 1989: US04822415 (42 worldwide citation)

A novel iron based alloy is disclosed which is characterized by high resistance to wear and corrosion. The alloy consists essentially of 0 to 40% chromium, 1 to 40% molybdenum, 1 to 15% copper, 0.2 to 5% boron, and 0.01 to 2% carbon; the balance being incidental impurities and at least 30% iron, wit ...

Komal Laul, Mitchell R Dorfman, Ronald Eugene Somoskey Jr: Method for preparing a thermal spray powder of chromium carbide and nickel chromium. Sulzer Metco, Ira J Schaefer Esq, July 3, 2001: US06254704 (26 worldwide citation)

A thermal spray powder consists of nickel, chromium and carbon. The chromium consists of a first portion and a second portion, the nickel being alloyed with the first portion in an alloy matrix. The second portion and the carbon are combined into chromium carbide substantially as Cr

Farshad Ghasripoor, Richard K Schmid, Mitchell R Dorfman: Silicon carbide composition for turbine blade tips. Sulzer Metco, H S Ingham, December 7, 1999: US05997248 (24 worldwide citation)

A granular composition is applied to tips of rotor blades utilized in a gas turbine engine wherein the blade tips rub against an abradable ceramic layer. Individual grains each have a core of silicon carbide and a layer of aluminum nitride on the core. A layer of a cladding metal may be bonded to th ...

Mitchell R Dorfman, Roger W Kaufold, Burton Kushner, Anthony J Rotolico, Roopnarine Tilkaran: Thermal spray method for producing glass mold plungers. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, H S Ingham, E T Grimes, April 9, 1991: US05006321 (12 worldwide citation)

Manufacture of glass mold plungers utilizes a thermal spray gun having combustion chamber with an open channel for propelling combustion products into the ambient atmosphere at supersonic velocity. The method comprises injecting into the chamber a combustible mixture of combustion gas and oxygen at ...

Mitchell R Dorfman, Luis F Correa, Christopher G Dambra, Komal Laul, Richard K Schmid: Method of producing a pre-alloyed stabilized zirconia powder. Sulzer Metco, Hogan and Hartson L, March 22, 2005: US06869550 (12 worldwide citation)

A pre-alloyed stabilized zirconia powder suitable for use in thermal barrier applications is formed by alloying zirconia with a stabilizer, such as yttria, and processing the alloyed stabilized zirconia to form a very fine powder. The raw powder is then spray-dried to produce an agglomerated powder ...

Mitchell R Dorfman: Tungsten carbide powder and method of making for flame spraying. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, E T Grimes, H S Ingham, October 10, 1989: US04872904 (7 worldwide citation)

A cobalt bonded tungsten carbide powder is produced by a method comprising preparing a mixture consisting of a first tungsten carbide powder having a particle size of -5 microns, a second tungsten carbide powder having a particle size of -44+10 microns, a cobalt powder having a particle size of -5 m ...

Lysa Russo, Mitchell R Dorfman, Kerry LaPierre: Superalloy HVOF powders with improved high temperature oxidation, corrosion and creep resistance. Sulzer Metco, Mitchell S Faller Esq, Ira J Schaefer Esq, Clifford Chance, January 7, 2003: US06503576 (7 worldwide citation)

A high velocity oxygen fuel thermal spray powder comprising a superalloy having the formula MCrAlY—X, wherein M is at least one metal taken from the group consisting of nickel, cobalt, and iron; X is at least one reactive element taken from the group consisting of hafnium, rhenium, lanthanum, and ta ...

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