Mitchell John H: Ethylene polymer blend and polymerization process for preparation thereof. The Dow Chemical Company, Jenkins M S, October 21, 1975: US3914342 (70 worldwide citation)

A high density ethylene polymer blend having improved impact strength and environmental stress crack resistance comprises a high molecular weight, non-elastomeric ethylene/propylene copolymer having a crystallinity of at least 5 percent and an intermediate molecular weight, high density ethylene pol ...

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Highly viscous material, e.g., a molten plastic, is rapidly removed from a reservoir with a roll pump positioned in an opening of the reservoir. The roll pump has a shaft extending through the opening into the reservoir and rotatable within a stationary feed member, e.g., a modified double right hel ...

Mitchell John H: Automatic one line grapple. January 9, 1973: US3709550 (4 worldwide citation)

A grapple employed in the logging industry which includes a pair of tongs which are automatically opened and closed while being hung or supported from a single line or support and which is especially useful in highlead grapple yarding. The tongs are opened and closed in a single cycle of operation o ...

Mitchell John H: Automatic log grappling mechanism. March 28, 1972: US3651952 (3 worldwide citation)

A grapple assembly swivelly suspended from a skyline carriage is automatically opened and closed by mechanical means located within the carriage. The carriage is moved by in-haul and out-haul cables and through the skyline cable is lowered or raised for yarding logs. Sequential slackening and tensio ...

Mitchell John H: Cable grip grapple. July 17, 1973: US3746385 (3 worldwide citation)

A grapple for handling logs embodying a pair of pivotally interconnected jaws which are power opened by a cable arrangement. The grapple includes as its novel improvement, the incorporation of a log gripping cable which extends between the jaws and engages a log or logs in opposed relation to the gr ...

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A grapple carriage riding on a skyline capable of being slackened and tightened, and having a grapple supported thereon with means for opening and closing the grapple for gripping and releasing a log, the means includes a remote control associated with a yarding machine so that an operator may cause ...

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A process for decolorizing polyalkylene polyamines, which comprises contacting one or more polyalkylene polyamines having an average molecular weight of greater than 200 and less than 1000 with carbon at a temperature greater than or equal to 100 °C and less than or equal to 300 °C under conditions ...