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A display apparatus for displaying a three-dimensional image includes an image display section for displaying an image in response to an input image signal and for displaying a three-dimensional image in response to an input three-dimensional image signal when a three-dimensional image display mode ...

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Two recording tracks (T1) and (T2) are formed in parallel with each other on a stereoscopic video disc record (D). Image information for a right eye and audio information are serially recorded on one recording track (T1). Image information for a left eye and audio information are serially recorded o ...

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Each of left and right images of a stereoscopic television picture is divided into a plurality of blocks and a position of one of the images is shifted in such a way that a difference between one picture signal (S.sub.L) in one block of one of the left and right images and the other picture signal ( ...

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A stereoscopic television picture transmission system includes a device (14) for obtaining a picture signal with respect to one of right and left pictures in a stereoscopic television, circuitry (22) for obtaining a difference signal between a right picture signal for the right picture and a left pi ...

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A comb-shaped piezoelectric unit, such as may be used for a mechanical signal source or in a display device for displaying raised letters for reading by blind persons. The piezoelectric unit includes a plurality of strip-shaped drive members extending from a common base part, a first metal electrode ...

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It is an object of the present invention to provide a solid-state image sensing device with a vertical shutter structure allowing the size of the solid-state image sensing device with ease.

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A regenerative pump includes a casing which a recessed fluid flow passage interconnecting a suction port and a discharge port is formed in an arcuate shape. An impeller is provided rotatably with respect to the casing and formed with a plurality of vane members which face the recessed fluid flow pas ...

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An ink jet printer includes: an image forming section for forming an image by ejecting a pigment ink toward a recording medium in which a surficial layer includes thermoplastic fine particles, in a case; a fixing member for fixing the image by heating and pressurizing the recording medium on which t ...

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A pump comprises an outer rotor and an inner rotor. A plurality of pressure chambers are defined between the outer rotor and the inner rotor to cause fluid to be sucked from a suction port and discharged to a discharge port by the movement of these pressure chambers with changing their volumes. A pr ...

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In the vehicle-lamp lighting-on device, a body case has a connection opening formed in the front end thereof. A lighting-on transformer is disposed within the body case. The transformer includes a core housing with an iron core and a coil bobbin with a secondary coil wound thereon. The connection op ...