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The invention aims to provide a compact peritoneal dialysis apparatus using a disposable cassette integrally formed with a diaphragm and heating portion, in which a flow path can be switched quietly and a heating ability is high. By using a disposable cassette (

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A tunneling Josephson junction is disclosed in which first and second superposed superconducting electrode layers are formed of thin films of oxide superconducting materials having a perovskite structure of BaPB.sub.1-x Bi.sub.x O.sub.3. A barrier layer interposed between these superconducting elect ...

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A rotary developing device for color image forming equipment has a plurality of developing units around a common rotary shaft and rotates the developing units about the common shaft to bring any one of them to a developing position. A drive connecting and disconnecting device in the form of a clutch ...

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A joint having an OLDHAM state coupling at a leading edge thereof is held movably in a direction which is parallel to a joint axis at a full-color printer body. A coupling gear is substantially connected to a developing roller disposed in each mono-color developing unit, which makes up a revolving t ...

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In an image forming apparatus, a rotary developing device effects development by revolving a plurality of developing sections around a rotary shaft until any one of them reaches a developing position where it faces an image carrier. Cartridges are respectively mounted to hoppers included in the deve ...

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An ethylene terephthalate/ethylene-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate copolymer comprising 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid in an amount of 5 to 20 mol % of the total of all dicarboxylic acid components. This copolymer contains Mn, Mg and Co derived from catalysts and P derived from a phosphorus compound ...

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A copier, printer, facsimile apparatus or similar image forming apparatus made up of components each being constructed into a unit and connected to the others by external arrangements. The apparatus has a base unit accommodating an electric control device, a paper feeding unit removably mounted on t ...

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A combustion chamber configuration and porting arrangement for a two-cycle crankcase compression diesel engine that improves scavenging. An exhaust port opens into one side of the engine cylinder bore and the scavenge ports and a precombustion chamber are configured so that they discharge their gase ...

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A centrifugal fluid pump assembly has a pump body and a controller. The pump body has a housing, a pump section having an impeller rotating inside the housing, an impeller rotational torque generating section having a motor for rotating the impeller and an impeller position control section. The impe ...

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An image forming apparatus suppresses several kinds of inconveniences caused by unnecessary contact of a belt-formed member with opposing members and drives the belt-formed member accurately even when the belt-formed member separated from a part of a plurality of opposing members. In an image formin ...