Kijun Kim, Byounghoon Kim, Hyungyeol Lee, Jinbae Park, Mingyu Kang, Youngseob Choi, Kwangsoon Kim: Adaptive feedback for multi-cell cooperative communication and an adaptive transmission mode determining method and device. LG Electronics, Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University, McKenna Long & Aldridge, March 3, 2015: US08971272 (2 worldwide citation)

The present description relates to a method of using a terminal to adaptively feed back channel information relating to multi-cell cooperative communication includes: measuring an average signal-to-noise ratio of a virtual multi-antenna channel between a terminal and at least one cell to transmit sa ...

Kihwan Ryu, Mingyu Kang: Device and method for controlling electric vehicle. LG Electronics, KED & Associates, May 16, 2017: US09649940

The present invention relates to a device and method for controlling an electric vehicle that enables a user to easily control a predicted distance that can be travelled by displaying the predicted distance that can be travelled in response to the power consumption of electric loads on the electric ...

Ohhyun Baek, Mingyu Kang: Agitator and cleaner. LG Electronics, Dentons US, July 19, 2016: US09392921

There is provided a cleaner including an agitator, and a mounting portion on which the agitator is rotatably mounted. The agitator includes a brush assembly having brushes, a frame that includes a first opening into which the brush assembly is inserted, an installation space for receiving therein th ...

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