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A data modem includes a data compression circuit which compresses incoming data prior to transmission. The compression ratio obtained from the compression process is used to select a constellation for transmission of the data. When higher compression rates are achieved, fewer constellation points (s ...

Ming Luh Kao: ISDN terminal adapter with teleconference provision. Racal Data Communications, Jerry A Miller, March 5, 1991: US04998243 (74 worldwide citation)

A device for providing teleconference capabilities in an ISDN includes a first receiver for receiving a first signal representing a first message over a first ISDN B-channel. A second receiver receives a second signal representing a second message over a second ISDN B-channel. A receive mixer mixes ...

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An apparatus for providing remote answering of a doorbell includes a circuit for receiving a doorbell signal indicative that a doorbell switch has been actuated. An autodialing circuit is coupled to and responsive to the receiving circuit and a telephone line for dialing a telephone number responsiv ...

Ming Luh Kao, Jong Keung Cheng: High speed program store with bootstrap. Racal Milgo, Nixon & Vanderhye, January 19, 1988: US04720812 (50 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor-based system is provided with a non-volatile store (such as a PROM) which stores a bootstrap program, a non-volatile store (such as an EPROM) which stores one or more program overlays, and a programmable volatile store (such as a RAM) which can be written into and read from. When th ...

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A method of providing B channel diagnostics to an integrated services digital network (ISDN) comprises the steps of monitoring error performance on the ISDN D channel and comparing the D channel error performance to a predetermined criterion as a measure of the B channel error performance. If the pr ...

Ming Luh Kao, Jong Keung Cheng: Data compression with error correction. Racal Datacom, Jerry A Miller, April 6, 1993: US05200962 (31 worldwide citation)

A combined data compression/error correction system suitable for use in synchronous communication utilizes a data compressor to produce variable rate compressed data from synchronous data. The variable rate compressed data is applied to a FIFO memory which is monitored to determine when the amount o ...

Ming Luh Kao, Jerry A Miller: High speed digital data transmission over switched voice network. Racal Datacom, William A Newton, Jerry A Miller, November 30, 1993: US05267300 (24 worldwide citation)

A dialed telephone connection can be implemented as an end-to-end digital connection by virtue of switched voice transmission facilities becoming more prevalent. If such a connection is detected, it is possible to transmit digital data over the connection at a much higher rate than using analog tech ...

Ming Luh Kao: Sampling clock synchronization. Racal Data Communications, Jerry A Miller, March 21, 1989: US04815109 (14 worldwide citation)

In a method for compensating for differences in a first clock signal's rate and a second clock signal's rate, transmitting voice samples from a first location synchronized to the first clock signal are received at a second location having a second clock for generating the second clock signal. The fi ...

Mario de la Guardia, Ming Luh Kao: Digital video sync detection. Racal Data Communications, Jerry A Miller, March 31, 1987: US04654708 (13 worldwide citation)

An all digital video synchronization technique wherein a microprocessor tracks the incoming video signal and synchronizes its operation by stopping at a certain point in the sync signal and restarting upon occurrence of a horizontal sync pulse.

Mario de la Guardia, Ming Luh Kao: Processor controlled digital video sync generation. Racal Data Communications, Jerry A Miller, William A Newton, January 28, 1986: US04567521 (8 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor-based video sync generation technique wherein the microprocessor stores a table of transition times and at each time supplies appropriate control signals to a digital-to-analog converter to cause it to generate the desired sync waveform.