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A detection system identifies a person by rapidly analyzing an image frame from a video camera for the presence of a face by reducing the image in resolution and normalizing the image to compensate for lighting changes and compares the normalized image with a background image to produce a binary int ...

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A system for automatically detecting and recognizing the identity of a deformable object such as a human face, within an arbitrary image scene. The system comprises an object detector implemented as a probabilistic DBNN, for determining whether the object is within the arbitrary image scene and a fe ...

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An apparatus and method for optically analyzing tissue in a subject directs coherent light and ultrasound at the subject along parallel propagation paths. The ultrasound causes a Doppler shift in the light emerging from the subject, this shift being related to certain tissue characteristics. The lig ...

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A CMOS device structure, and a method of fabricating the CMOS device, featuring a gate insulator layer comprised of a high k metal oxide layer, has been developed. The process features formation of recessed, heavily doped source/drain regions, and of vertical, polysilicon LDD spacers, prior to depos ...

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A system for monitoring eyes of an individual includes a human interface for obtaining images of the individual and for providing feedback to the individual and a processor for analyzing the images. The processor transforms an image sequence into a one dimensional signal by extracting relevant featu ...

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A structure including a substrate, a copper bump formed over the substrate, and a barrier layer comprising an alloy of at least one of iron and nickel, formed over the copper bump, and methods to make such a structure.

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An apparatus for examining tissue in vivo by means of the optical properties of the tissue generates a measuring chirp signal which is introduced into a tissue-containing subject as a coherent optical chirp signal. The parts of the measuring chirp signal emerging from the subject are superimposed wi ...

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A system for deriving final display parameters for a wide range of MR images consists of a feature generator utilizing both histogram and spatial information computed from an input MR image, a wavelet transform within the feature generator for compressing the size of the feature vector, a competitiv ...

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An adaptive edge-preserving smoothing filter effectively reduces noise levels while preserving fine structures in data. The behavior of the filter is controlled easily by two control parameters. To adaptively control the behavior of the filter, the control parameter, .alpha., can be set as a functio ...

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A method of forming dual gate dielectric layers that is extendable to satisfying requirements for 50 nm and 70 nm technology nodes is described. A substrate is provided with STI regions that separate device areas. An interfacial layer and a high k dielectric layer are sequentially deposited on the s ...