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An optical communication system includes a bit-interleaved coded modulation (BICM) coder; and a low-density parity-check (LDPC) coder coupled to the BICM coder to generate codes used as component codes and in combination with a coherent detector.

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A passive optical network (PON) device, system and method include an optical line terminal (OLT) receiver configured to receive multiple signals at different wavelengths simultaneously and enable multiple transmitters to operate at the same time during one upstream time slot. The optical line termin ...

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A method of encoding for optical transmission of information includes encoding information with a generalized low-density parity-check (GLDPC) code for providing coding gains, and constructing the GLDPC code with a Reed-Muller RM code as a component code, the component code being decodable using a m ...

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An optical network component, architecture and method for a wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network includes a band coupler configured to demultiplex first and second wavelength division multiplexed content transmitted from an optical line terminal into a first band signal and a seco ...

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An optical repeater is described which integrates an erbium doped optical fiber amplifier (EDFA) with a dispersion equalizer (DE) based on fiber gratings. The dispersion equalizer is based on parallel connection of two fiber gratings for single carrier wavelength operation, and on parallel connectio ...

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A method includes estimating quadrature amplitude modulated QAM symbols in an LDPC encoded OFDM signal for transmission, performing channel estimation by training sequence to determine channel coefficients in reception of the LDPC encoded OFDM signal; and obtaining channel information detection and ...

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A transmitter and method include a LDPC encoder configured to encode source data, and a mapper configured to generate three coordinates in accordance with a 3D signal constellation where the coordinates include an amplitude coordinate and two phase coordinates. A laser source is modulated in accorda ...

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A Wavelength Division Multiplexed Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Passive Optical Network (WDM-OFDMA-PON) includes a passive last-mile optical split terminated by optical network units (ONUs) with OFDMA transceivers; a standard single mode fiber (SSMF) link; a central office optical li ...

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Systems and methods are provided for network communication using wireless base stations and an optical orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) signal generated on an optical wavelength, with the optical OFDMA signal being composed of a plurality of OFDMA subcarriers. A multi-level modu ...

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A software-defined (SD) optical network is disclosed. An SD optical line terminal (OLT) includes a global SD controller, one or more SD OLT drivers connected to the global SD controller, and an underlying hardware component connected to each of said one or more SD OLT drivers. An SD optical network ...