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Control devices for permitting two or more general purpose digital computers, each with its own main storage module, to share a common data base. The control devices, termed 'Common Storage Controller(s)' contain the logic circuitry for interfacing the central processors to their storage units such ...

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A disposable garment or diaper (10) having a fastener including fastener portions (12, 13) adapted for releasably mechanically engaging each other; and a bonding layer (14) of room-temperature non-tacky thermoplastic material adhering one of the fastener portions to a thin polyolefin layer (11) of t ...

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An adhesive of certain elastomeric block copolymers and tackifying materials can be hot-melt coated onto a flexible backing to provide an adhesive tape. The adhesive can be low-tack or tack-free. When the novel adhesive is tacky, it can bind sheets into a note pad from which individual sheets can be ...

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A transcutaneous energy transfer device comprises a primary winding L1 for placement on or near a skin surface, and a secondary winding L2 for implantation under said skin surface. A field effect transistor 10 (FET) is arranged to switch said primary coil across an external DC power supply. A tuning ...

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A fixture to hold turbine blades, too small for conventional test-bar testing methods, which grasps the root and tip end of the blade. The fixture is formed of a suitable metal alloy and is molded to fit the blade tip and root, and is adapted to be secured to the testing machine.

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A disc space preparation device that has particular application for removing disc material during spinal fusion surgery. The disc preparation device includes a body portion that houses a motor having a shaft attached thereto that is rotated by the motor. The shaft extends through a chamber in a neck ...

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A minimally invasive interbody device assembly that includes an interbody device that restores the disc space height between two vertebrae and an instrument detachably coupled to the interbody device for positioning the device in the disc space and delivering bone material to the disc space that is ...

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A method of heat treating articles cast of a superalloy, comprising a nickel-base alloy capable of forming a chromium carbide precipitate, such as INCONEL 939 TM . The method includes selective heating of the article to cause chromium and carbon nuclei in the lattice of the crystals in the superallo ...

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An electrohydraulic system includes a plurality of electrohydraulic devices (22a-22n) individually controlled by on-board microprocessor-based control electronics (56, 58, 60). Each individual device controller (26) is connected to and addressable by a master controller (36) for coordinating operati ...