Milan Ernest A: Variable length festooning of web material. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, F W Brunner et al, January 8, 1974: US3784071 (6 worldwide citation)

Variable length storage of running length material between stations in a web handling or processing line in which storage of the self-supporting portion of the variable length is nearly constant in length independent of the total length of the stored loop. The sides of the stored variable length loo ...

Dunn William F, Milan Ernest A: Methode de boudinage de materiaux en bandes, Method of spiral winding strip material. The Goodyear Tire &Amp Rubber Company, SIM & MCBURNEY, February 7, 1984: CA1161814

METHOD OF SPIRAL WINDINGSTRIP MATERIAL Abstract of the Disclosure Strip material 5 coming from a letoff position 14is wound on a supply reel 10 by rotating the reel 10while at the same time providing axial movement ofthe reel 10 relative to the letoff. The axial movementis stopped for a predetermine ...

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