Mikus Thomas, Shah Rashmi K: Flameless combustor process heater. Shell Int Research, July 26, 2000: EP1021682-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A process heater is provided utilizing flameless combustion, the process heater having: an oxidation reaction chamber (8), the oxidation reaction chamber (4) having an inlet for oxidant, an outlet for combustion products (15), and a flow path between the inlet and the outlet; a fuel conduit (5) capa ...



MIKUS THOMAS: [en] Power plant with magnetohydrodynamic topping cycle. SHELL INT RESEARCH, September 19, 2012: GB2489181-A

[en] A system and method for generating power, comprises providing a fuel stream and an oxygen stream to a magnetohydrodynamic generator so as to generate electric power and a first exhaust stream comprising CO2 and water and providing the first exhaust stream to an expansion generator so as to gene ...



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A process to recover hydrocarbons is provided wherein a hydrocarbon-containing subterranean formation (1) is heated by conductive heat transfer from a heat injector well (3) operating at temperatures above 900 �C. The high temperature levels of this process result in high recoveries of initial hydro ...

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A combustor method and apparatus is provided. The method utilizes flameless combustion with one or more of three improvements to enhance ignition of the flameless combustor. A catalytic surface can be provided within a combustion chamber to provide flameless combustion at least in the vicinity of th ...