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This invention is a ready-made bite control point which aims at easing the dentist to form the projections on the tooth side without a specialized tool and comprises a swelling to be fitted into a side hollow of a positioner for tooth-straightening employed in the dental treatment of open bite.

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A stage driving system capable of positioning an object with a higher speed and a higher precision than prior systems. The system includes a base member, plural movable members provided on the base member, and a controller for controlling the plural movable members so as to substantially suppress th ...

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A colorless liquid crystalline compound having at least one 6-membered ring and non-cyclic end groups in the molecular skelton, said 6-membered containing two or more carbon atoms, at least one of which is directly bonded to a methylene group of a non-cyclic group having an alkoxy group at another e ...

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A target state quantity generating unit generates a target state quantity for a stage, and a laser interferometer detects the current state quantity (position) of the stage. Based on the target state quantity and the detected state quantity (position), a compensation system constituted by a variable ...

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A color photographic material having stabilized dye images is described which has a compound with the formula: ##STR1## where R and R.sub.2 individually represent an alkyl group, R represents an n-valent organic group and n is an integer of from 1 to 6.

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A thermosetting powder coating composition having good handling characteristics and capable of being baked under relatively mild conditions and providing a coating having practically satisfactory properties. This coating composition is prepared by incorporating in 100 parts by weight of an epoxy gro ...

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A pleochroic color display device is provided which comprises a layer of guest-host type liquid crystal sandwiched between two transparent electrodes for driving the liquid crystal, the guest-host liquid crystal containing a dichroic dye as guest material, and a color filter disposed in front or rea ...

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A precision positioning apparatus suitable for the positioning control system of a semiconductor exposing apparatus such as a stepper has, as its object, the provision of a non-contact type precision positioning apparatus capable of properly correcting the disturbance of posture or vibration based o ...

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A liquid crystal display element which may have a multi-layer structure comprising substrates having electrodes and liquid crystal orientation controlling films on the sides thereof facing a liquid crystal layer and one or more liquid crystal layers interposed between said substrates, characterized ...

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The description is concerned with a liquid crystal composition of the guest-host type which contains a pleochroic dye dissolved therein. The dye molecule has an end group or end groups in the molecule represented by the general formula: ##STR1## where Ro designates a straight chain of alkyl group, i ...