Mike Milici, Xue Tan: System and method for calculating an optimized route and calculation thereof. Navteq North America, Frank J Kozak, Jon D Shutter, Lawrence M Kaplan, August 31, 2004: US06785608 (31 worldwide citation)

A bounding route is calculated between two physical locations to determine a boundary value for which subsequent route calculations or portions thereof may be compared to. The bounding route may be calculated by selecting segments of roads that satisfy certain criteria. These criteria may be based o ...

Narayanan Alwar, Mike Milici, Bishnu Phuyal: Method and system for obtaining road grade data. Navteq North America, Jon D Shutter, Frank J Kozak, Grace L O Brien, April 25, 2006: US07035733 (14 worldwide citation)

A method for collecting data for a geographic database is disclosed. Altitude data are collected using a vehicle traveling in a geographic region. A barometer associated with the vehicle supplies the altitude data. Road grade data along the roads traveled by the vehicle is derived by analyzing the a ...

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