William Alan Edelstein, Richard Philip Mallozzi, Robert Arvin Hedeen, Sayed Amr El Hamamsy, Mark Lloyd Miller, Paul Shadforth Thompson, Robert Adolph Ackermann, Bruce Campbell Amm, John Peter Fura, Mike James Radziun, David Edward Dean, Scott Thomas Mansell, Dewain Anthony Purgill, Robert Michael Vavrek: Low noise MRI scanner. General Electric Company, Jean K Testa, Jill M Breedlove, August 20, 2002: US06437568 (31 worldwide citation)

A low noise imaging apparatus for producing Magnetic Resonance (MR) images of a subject and for substantially minimizing acoustic noise generated during imaging is provided. The imaging apparatus comprises a magnet assembly, a gradient coil assembly, and a rf coil assembly, wherein at least one of t ...